You really can’t win!

Courtesy Pixabay

But if you do, you’ll pocket a cool $1k. Tune in every morning at 6:20 am to play. Listen for the cue to call. When it’s time, dial (800) 947-3979 for your chance to play!


Kelly thinks she’s the queen of trivia and put out a challenge: answer her 5 questions correctly and she’ll pay you. She’s so confident that you can’t win, she’s putting up $1,000 of her own cash as a prize.
Yup. Answer 5 questions correctly, and Kelly will give you cash money.

What are the questions?
Kelly will ask one question at a time. When one is answered correctly, the next question will be asked. The questions don’t change, but she won’t reveal the next question until the current question is answered correctly.

How do I play?
Tune in to the show at 7:00 am and listen for the cue to call. When you hear it, call the show at (800) 947-3979 for your chance to play.

What are the requirements to play?
You must be a resident of the United States, over 18 years of age. You can play multiple time