Texarkana Twins Baseball Expect to Begin on Time

The Texarkana Twins baseball team should begin their season on schedule on time.

That according to the Texas Collegiate League who sent out this Press Release:

Given recent developments regarding COVID-19 and changes to the College Baseball Schedule and MLB’s delay in the start of their regular season, we wanted to quickly provide some updates as it pertains to the Texas Collegiate League (TCL).

We here at TCL HQ have been closely monitoring all advisories and updates from state and local health authorities, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and will continue to provide updates as soon as they are made available.

TCL President, Uri Geva, was quoted as saying, “In the meantime, we expect to begin the 2020 season as scheduled almost 3 months away from now. The safety and security of our fans, players, staff members and families are the priority concern for all decision making for the TCL. The League will continue to take any and all precautionary measures recommended by state and local health authorities prior to our baseball season.”

Thank you TCL supporters from across the country for your continued patience and support and as further developments occur we will provide additional updates with regards to the 2020 TCL season.

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