TAPD Joins Forces With Community Leader To Lift Spirits

We applaud Texarkana Arkansas Police Department‘s initiative to partner with area leaders and groups at the Smith Key Apartment Complex last weekend. Together as a community, they joined forces uniting and sharing the good word, uplifting spirits, and leaving big smiles.

Courtesy TAPD

Texarkana Arkansas Police Department
This past weekend, we went to the Smith Keys Apartment Complex. We joined their staff, local pastors, Steve Hollibush, who represents Ward 3 and is the Assistant Mayor for Texarkana Arkansas, the Texarkana Arkansas Fire Department, The Show Stoppers Motorcycle Club, and other community partners for a prayer walk. We shared prayer for a lot of needs in our community.

We all walked the property and lifted prayer together. This was an incredible time to be able to fellowship and share a prayer. It was a little warm, but it did not stop the prayer walk! We want to thank Tendra and Ms. Owens for asking us to join this spiritual event. It was truly amazing.

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