Swiss Startup Building Computers Using Human Skin


Swiss startup FinalSpark has recently announced a new approach to computing, which involves using neurons derived from human skin to build computers. The company claims that this method would use significantly less energy than digital chip processors, and that it has already tested 10 million living neurons for this purpose. According to FinalSpark, this is a step towards creating a computer that processes information in a way that mimics the human brain, rather than relying on conventional AI models that use advanced data training to imitate human thinking.

While the idea of using human neurons to build computers may sound like science fiction, there are some potential benefits to this approach. For one, it could lead to more efficient and powerful computers that are capable of handling complex tasks in real time. Additionally, it could pave the way for new breakthroughs in neuroscience and our understanding of the human brain.

However, there are also some ethical concerns associated with this technology. For example, some may question the use of human tissue in the development of computers, and whether this could lead to unintended consequences. Furthermore, the idea of creating a computer that thinks like a human raises questions about the nature of consciousness and what it means to be human.

Overall, FinalSpark’s approach to computing is certainly a unique one, and it remains to be seen whether it will gain widespread acceptance in the tech industry. Nevertheless, it is clear that this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about computing and the human brain.