Man Attacks Central Mall Employee


Texarkana Texas Police say they now know the identity of a male suspect who viciously beat a male employee inside the mall this past weekend.

Here is a Press Release from TTPD:

The man has been identified. Thanks for everyone’s help.
On Saturday afternoon, we were dispatched to an “assist an ambulance” call where it was reported that a man was having a seizure inside Central Mall. When we got there, we discovered that he had actually been viciously attacked and now had severe facial trauma.
We’ve been working on this case all weekend, and our detectives have been able to pretty much piece together what happened. They learned that an older female Central Mall employee got onto two unsupervised teenage boys who were running around and playing in one of the children’s strollers that are available for rent there. When she told them to stop horseplaying around like that, they became verbally abusive to her. That’s when the victim, who is also an employee there, intervened on her behalf and told them to leave. They did and the victim went back to his job duties – thinking everything was over.
However, this man returned a few minutes later with the two boys and got in the victim’s face. He was apparently upset that someone had said something to the boys about their inappropriate behavior. Without warning, he punched the victim in the face and the victim immediately fell backwards. We believe that he was unconscious when he hit the floor, but that didn’t seem to matter to the man, who then stood over him and hit him in the face at least four more times. He then left the victim laying there and casually walked out the mall entrance door with the boys like nothing had happened.
The victim suffered serious injuries in this completely unprovoked attack that included a concussion and several broken orbital bones around his eyes. He was transported to a local hospital initially, but later transferred to a Little Rock hospital because there were concerns that his injuries might be worse than what they originally thought. Thankfully, although still having a lot of physical issues, he has now been released from the hospital and is recuperating at home.

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