Hope Public Schools Pivots to Virtual Learning

The Hope Public Schools has pivoted to “virtual” learning until Thursday, January 13th, to help keep students and staff healthy. The HISD-Bobcate guidelines regarding COVID 19 testing, immunization, and quarantine are to follow.

Hope Public Schools
Good afternoon!
I hope you are doing well during this pivot to virtual instruction. This message serves as a brief reminder of guidelines for COVID-19 positive cases and persons who are symptomatic and being tested for COVID-19.
Reminders for Those Identified as Close Contacts:
– If your student(s) is being tested because they are symptomatic, do not send your student(s) back to school with a pending PCR test. Please keep them home until you are notified of results.
– 10 days isolation for ALL positive cases
– 10 days quarantine for unvaccinated students documented to not wear their mask correctly
– 10 days quarantine for students with positive case within their home unless fully vaccinated and/or the positive person is isolated from them
– In order to be considered fully vaccinated, you must receive the booster for COVID-19 if your timeline has expired from the original dose(s). Remember, it is 5 months for both Moderna and Pfizer. It is 2 months for Johnson and Johnson.
– You can make your appointment with the Bobcat Clinic for this Wednesday, January 12, 2022. Also, boosters are available at most pharmacies. Please make your appointment ASAP if you are interested in being fully vaccinated. Book your appointment at the Bobcat Clinic: 870-722-2733, ext. 2
Thank you for being flexible during this time. As many of you are aware, many districts around us are now pivoting to virtual instruction. Our collective vigilance will help us combat the spread. I appreciate your patience and care for students during this time. Stay safe!
Dr. Jonathan Crossley – Superintendent of Schools

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