Hillis Arrested For Fraudulent Use of Credit Card

Tommy Hillis was arrested today for using fraudulently using a credit card. The victim quickly noticed the crime as she received notifications when transactions occurred every transaction. Hillis is sitting at the Bi-State with a $20,000 bond. We have the complete details from the Texarkana Texas Police Department to follow.

Courtesy TTPD

Texarkana Texas Police Department
We arrested Tommy Hillis last night after a woman in California called Sonic on N. Stateline Avenue and told them that someone had just used her credit card information at their business. The $45 order had been placed through the Sonic app, and a few minutes later, the business called 911 to say that someone was there to pick up the order.

It seems that, while Hillis never had the victim’s card in his possession, he somehow managed to get hold of the card’s numbers. Guess he figured he would be long gone before anyone ever knew there was a problem. Thankfully, it didn’t work out quite the way that he’d planned it.
Officer Colby Stratton arrested Hillis for Fraudulent Use of Credit Card Information, which is a felony. His cell phone – with the Sonic app and victim’s credit card numbers still on it – were seized and placed into evidence. He was booked into the Bi-State Jail, where a judge set his bond at $20,000 this morning.

As a reminder… It’s a great idea to have automatic notifications set up on your credit and debit cards to let you know when they have been used. Here, it meant the difference between a case where an arrest was immediately made and one where the chances of ever finding out who used the card would have probably been pretty small.

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