Gas Station Fantasies [VIDEO]

Courtesy Pixabay

Let’s talk about fantasies we have all had while fillup up at the gas station today. Dave, Mahoney, and Audrey talk about ways to combat a robbery. We love Audrey’s comment about not wanting to waste money, while the guys are all about dual-wield gas pumps. Check out the video…

2023 Jonquil Festival

This year’s Jonquil Festival will be held March 17, 18, and 19th in Historic Washington. We know spring has made it when we get to head out to Old Washington Park and enjoy the Jonquils. Tweet Share

Wagons For Veterans

Come on to the Four State Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 11th, and enjoy the 5th Annual Wagons for Veterans. The gates open at 10:30 am with the opening ceremony at 11:15 am. The meals will start being

Grow Your Own Salsa

Learn how to grow your very own salsa garden in a container.  This will be a three-part series hosted by the Literacy Council of Bowie & Miller Counties, Inc. This is the first of a three-part series that

Fifty Shades of What…

How many gravy puns can one show make? The limit doesn’t exist. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dave And Mahoney (@daveandmahoney) Tweet Share +1 LinkedIn Email

Odd Things From The Internet

Starbucks loves dogs just as much as you do. They offer free Puppuccinos! What would you call a tasty treat for a horse? Dave & Mahoney discuss a video they found of a horse going for a

Dave & Mahoney Do Their Own Research

Out of Denny’s, Waffle House, and I-Hop, which has the most locations… and somehow, our Morning Show gets off into the weeds… Which one has the most fights? <blockquote class=”instagram-media” data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-permalink=”;utm_campaign=loading” data-instgrm-version=”14″ style=” background:#FFF; border:0; border-radius:3px;