Food Truck at Flower Acres BC This Tuesday

The next fresh produce and food truck, via East Texas Food Bank, will be arriving early Tuesday morning, September 29th, at Flower Acres Baptist Church, 3000 Flower Acres Road, Texarkana, Texas.

The food distribution begins at 8:00 AM. Those clients who participate in the Client Choice program, are asked to not arrive at the church, any earlier than 10:30 AM.

We will be wearing masks. Wear your masks, also.
📌Drivers & passengers, please keep your windows rolled up & hang up cell calls when you go under the awning.

📌Please clean out your trunk & make room ahead of time. We will not make room for you.

📌We cannot load items through windows, back doors, or sliding doors (at this time).
📌We can only load into trunks, hatchbacks, or truck beds.
📌Please, do not bring trailers. This poses a danger to our volunteers.
📌We will turn you around to go to Buchanan Rd to get to Bender Rd if you turn down Flower Acres Rd.
📌Please not park anywhere on Beechwood, Flower Acres Rd or Kidd Lane at any time before, or during food distribution times.
📌Unfortunately, refusal to cooperate can result in refusal to serve you. We don’t want to do that. We want to serve everyone.

📌We give one generous portion per vehicle.

📌No I.D. needed. This program available to everyone- TX, AR, OK, residents, etc.

📌We don’t know what will be coming in on the truck(s), or the quantity of each item.

📌If the barricades are up, we are closed for the day. Do not bypass them. We need to go home to our families. This process begins before the roosters are crowing. 🐔
🚫Please do not block DRIVEWAYS or mailboxes.
🚯DO NOT litter our neighbor’s yards or the road with cigarette butts or trash. This is becoming a BIG problem. If you see someone littering, please take a picture of their license plate, and make and model of vehicle.
🤫This is a quiet residential neighborhood, please respect our neighbors.

🥰Be kind to volunteers and other drivers.

Inappropriate language, behavior, alcohol consumption, and smoking (incl smoking in car) is NOT allowed on church premises, period.
No pets allowed on premises.
El lenguaje, el comportamiento, el consumo de alcohol y el fumar inapropiados NO están permitidos en este local, punto. Abra el baúl antes de meterse debajo del toldo (asegúrese de que haya espacio para la comida). No se permiten mascotas.
🚗To get to Bender Rd, get on Texas Loop 151, turn off on Buchanan Rd exit, turn left & turn left again to get on service road (parallel with the loop) toward Glen Acres Mobile Home Park. Turn right on Bender Rd. Car line begins at corner of Bender Rd and Flower Acre Rd.
You can also get to the car line via Hwy 59 to Buchanan Rd to service road, and follow same directions from there.
(Google Maps or Mapquest GPS are good tools if you’re unfamiliar with these roads…plug in TX 151 to Bender Rd)

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