Fly First-Class Out of Texarkana Regional Airport

Starting on October 6th, American Airlines out of the Texarkana Regional Airport upgraded the size of the aircraft to a CRJ-700. This upgrade will allow 15 more seats and first-class travel services.

The bigger, the better! We are excited to announce that American Airlines will be upgrading the size of the aircraft they utilize at TXK to a CRJ-700, beginning October 6th.
While it doesn’t look much bigger on the outside, this aircraft will add an additional 15 seats AND first class seating! This will be the first time TXK Airport has ever offered first class, and passengers will now be able to fly first class throughout the duration of their entire trip from TXK! We wouldn’t be able to grow without the wonderful support from our amazing community, so THANK YOU! #flytxk #flylocal
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