My 2020 Summer Goals

It’s almost here! Who’s ready for SUMMER! By ready, I mean goals! It is time to set your 2020 summer goals. Since this summer is so unpredictable, I suggest doing “realistic” goals that compliment the sign of the times. (ie: try not to make goals about traveling to foreign countries…that might not work out too well….just a suggestion.) Here are my 2020 Summer goals

-Make A’s in my summer classes.
-Clean up my garden
-Workout 2 times a day (swimming/yoga and HIIT/cardio)
-Stop drinking sodas
-Learn about meal prepping
-Work on my personal website
-Blog Everyday
-Read Everyday
-Get up at 4 am every day
-Stop Binge-Watching tv (only watch one episode a day if I watch tv)
-Quit eating snack cakes (NO MORE DING DONGS!!)
-Do my Daily Devotional
-Be more present on social media
-Create a Mood Board
-Clean out Closets and get my (and My sons) summer clothes ready.
-Help James learn how to crawl and use the stairs
-Finish Writing my book
-Publish said book
– and more

I feel like this is a good start of goals that I want to accomplish! My main goal is to be a better person than I am today. I always want to improve and set high expectations. What is on your goals list?

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