Make a Mood Board

Right now, I am all about bettering myself. If it has to do with motivation, then I am all about it! Which is why I am all about Mood Boards! I just discovered them, and now I am all about them.

A Mood board is defined as a visual tool or presentation that helps promote positive moods. It can be for a project or for everyday life. You can make a physical one, or you can be like me and do a digital one. I did mine on Pinterest. So here is how you create your own personal mood board.

-First, you have to figure out your drive. Why are you creating a mood board? I am doing it to motivate me to be a better person. My mood board is to remind me to keep positive moods. (I am also doing one for my future house that I am going to build-it is how you design your home)
-Then you have to figure out your style based on colors. You do this by thinking about the things that make you happy. Pastels= icecream and unicorns. Neutrals= earth and nature. Black= Halloween and/or minimalism.
-Once you have a color scheme, Think of your dreams and your future. What does your future look like? Do you want a black jaguar coupe? Maybe you want to remodel your kitchen pink. Since my colors are blacks, whites, and greys, I wanted it to reflect a minimalistic lifestyle that I aim for. How do I want my life to look?
– After you have a general idea of what your future looks like, Then it is time to find pictures representing that future. If you love to do art, find artwork and photos of people creating art. If your future is more natural, then find pictures of nature like forests, plants, and people embracing nature. If you are interested in anime and it makes you happy, find pictures of comics and paraphernalia that makes you happy. Just remember to stick to your color scheme.
-Then it is time to arrange your board. Pick the colors and print or place them. You can find colors in google images. Next, you will arrange the picture you found of your future on the board. It is your choice. You can be more chaotic with it, like me. Or you can be more organized and have boarders. It is entirely up to you what it looks like.
-Viola! Your mood board is done! Put it on the wall, or make a wallpaper on your phone. You need to be able to see it every day so that you can remember what you want your life to be! Aim for the best person you can be!

Good Luck and Stay Happy! Enjoy exploring your moods!

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